Website Testing
Website Testing

Website Testing

The increasing complexity of today’s browsers and operating systems has created an immense number of possible displaying environments for websites. On the other hand, project managers have to deal with smaller budgets and teams, while releases are rushed in on a very alert schedule.

We can help companies of all sizes with the release of their web projects, while keeping their testing costs in check. We take the burden of website testing away from project managers, allowing them to focus on managing projects and not getting distracted with testing.

Our website testing services are used by companies to make sure their websites and mobile applications function properly and deliver the desired user experience in all possible cases.

We know how important your website is for communicating with your customers, your partners and even your employees. That is why we make extra efforts to be certain that your website or mobile application is free from defects and functions optimally in every conceivable situation.

Functional Testing

During the functional testing phase, we check each element of your website to make sure it does what is should do, the way it should do it.

We thoroughly check every link and we submit every form. We also test if the layout is consistent across multiple browsers. Thus, we find broken functionality and display problems before you release.

Usability Testing

During the usability test, we check to see how your customers use and interact with your website. We look at your website or mobile app from a customer’s point of view.

We attentively search for problems that might frustrate your customers or that might affect the efficiency of your content. Thus, we uncover issues that affect the full user experience.

Mobile testing

The purpose of the mobile test is to make sure that users who access your website on their smartphone or those that use your mobile app get the experience that you intended.

We carefully open each page of your website in various mobile browsers on all major mobile devices. We also test for functionality and usability across all major mobile devices. Thus, we dicover all areas where the mobile user experience might suffer.