Data Entry
Data Entry

Data Entry

Our data entry services cover a wide range of tasks, both online and offline. We support a number of clients in various data entry projects, such as company reports data entry, text from images entry, protected PDF text collecting, catalog data entry, data cleansing and enrichment, MS-Access and MS-Excel data entry.

Thanks to our multilingual skills, we can offer these services in various languages, including but not limited to German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian and English.

Most of our clients have started working with us on simple data entry projects and have then gradually outsourced other more elaborate processes to us. Thus, they succeed in optimizing their cost structure, while observing very strict quality standards.

We are very efficient in what we do because of three reasons: quality, confidentiality, and pricing. Click here to see the success story of a Swiss client who benefited from our data entry services.

Quality assurance

We have various processes in place to ensure the best possible quality for our clients. The data we deliver are routinely checked twice before submission, both automatically and manually.

We assign project managers to all our projects, large or small, in order to make sure that our standards are met by every piece of information that we work on. For some projects, we even have our operators work under the direct supervision of the clients’ specialised staff.

Competitive pricing

Our data entry services come at affordable costs that fit conveniently into most budgets. For new projects, we usually present our clients with more pricing schemes to choose from.

We offer prices that are based on the dimension and complexity of the projects, plus the frequency of orders that we receive from the clients. The price calculation is transparent to the the clients, so that they understand how their money is spent and how they can get the best quality in return for it.

Confidentiality policy

The security of critical information is of utmost importance to companies that outsource their data entry needs. That’s why we go to great lengths to guarantee complete confidentiality and security of the information that we process for our clients.

We usually sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that highlight the measures that we take to ensure the confidentiality of the data that we handle for our clients. We are also ready to adopt any additional measures – such as country specific data protection legislation – suggested by our clients.

All our personnel have signed non-disclosure agreements upon hiring and are therefore legally bound to observe the confidentiality policies that we have in place for each project we work on.

We have various processes in place to ensure the security of client information. All files are securely stored on servers protected by elaborate firewalls and backed up regularly to avoid data loss. The access to our software applications is restricted by authentication procedures and only our staff have password-protected access to our resources.