Database Updating

Database Updating

The client is a Zurich-based provider of business information services. In 2005, we started working for one of its subsidiaries, a well-known international franchise that is active in over 70 countries throughout the world.

We were asked to research for online information about Swiss companies, in order to update about two thirds of the client’s company database. The whole project was to be conducted under the strict provisions of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

Although the project was initially created to be implemented in German, since the database was part of an international business information system that was available in more languages, we had to also work on multilingual company profiles (mostly in German, but also in French, Italian, or English).

We had to build a long-lasting team of experienced members, which were to work on a fixed amount of company profiles each month. All work was to be conducted under the very strict rules and procedures that the client had in place for all its databases.


For this project, we recruited staff that was fluent in German and also proficient in other languages. The jobs that we created were all full-time and required a large amount of training. Staff quality and team stability were the client’s main requirements. Because of that, the candidates’ selection was crucial to the success of the project.

We’ve allocated fixed and equal workloads per team-member. The initial training was done on our premises by the Swiss client. We’ve also set up yearly training sessions that are done by the client’s personnel who regularly visit Bucharest for this purpose.

Initially, the supervision and the correction of the work were done by the client in Switzerland. However, after the project had matured on and our team got more experienced, we also took over this task.


We have been working uninterruptedly on this project since 2005. During this time, we’ve taken over the supervision and control of all processes related to the project. In addition, we’ve done various other projects for the client, involving tasks such as data entry, database updating, and internet researching.

Moreover, the client referred us to its German branch, with whom we’ve then collaborated on a similar project for three years.