Call Center
Call Center

Call Center

We fully understand the importance of customer service as a great potential of long-term revenue growth for your company. An excellent customer experience is the cornerstone to retaining current customers and increasing your customer base.

That is exactly what we strive to give to each of our customers, whether they need a singular service or a comprehensive solution: growth in revenues, not in staff.

Our experienced operators and their dedicated managers can handle virtually any outbound or inbound project you might have in mind. Our technical equipment is up-to-date and highly scallable, in order to acommodate any demands our clients might have.

Inbound Call Center Services

Because today’s consumers are more demanding than ever, we have professional teams available that are online at all times and ready to provide immediate service to any of your customers. We are here to help your customers when you cannot.

We employ a sophisticated interactive voice response (IVR) system that collects information from the callers and correctly delivers the call to the operator that is most suitable to handle the case.

If you need help desk services, customer support, order taking services or message dispatching, we can help you build a larger and more loyal customer base. Click here to see how we’ve built the helpdesk service of Romania’s leading provider of online qualified certificates.

Outbound Call Center Services

Our expertise in outbound call center services covers a wide range of lead generation and appointment scheduling projects, plus a plethora of database updating projects, follow-ups and surveys.

Our advanced technical platform and our connections to various providers enable us to configure the most cost-efficient solutions for our clients.