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Social Media

Social Media

Our data entry services cover a wide range of tasks, both online and offline. We support a number of clients in various data entry projects, such as company reports data entry, text from images entry, protected PDF text collecting, catalog data entry, data cleansing and enrichment, MS-Access and MS-Excel data entry.

Thanks to our multilingual skills, we can offer these services in various languages, including but not limited to German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian and English.

Social strategy and planning

The first thing we do for our clients is to create a strategy for their social presence. We base this on their marketing goals and the audit of their current social efforts, if available.

After we custom tailor a social strategy, we map out a detailed plan for implementing the desired strategy. Just like in every business development project, good planning is almost always the key to success.

Social media profiles

The implementation of the plan usually starts by building up a visible presence on platforms like social networks and (micro)blogging services. For each platform (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or Facebook and many more), a unique “voice” must be used: a voice that speaks the right words to the right people at the right time.

We will find that voice for you and we will use it to create content, to build your community, to engage your fans and followers and to leverage the social channels to your advantage.

Community management

If you already have a significant social presence, then you probably get a lot of reaction from your users. You might receive a ton of comments on your blog, a huge amount of replies and retweets on your twitter account, and probably very frequent feedback on your Facebook page.

We can manage all that for you and much more. Since our dedicated teams are online around the clock, we can respond to every person in real-time, we can effectively filter out spam and moderate inappropriate posts immediately.

You don’t have to be an expert and spend o lot of time online to make social media work for you. You just need competent assistance. Read here to see how we helped other brands take advantage of social media.