Social Media

Social Media

The client is the Romanian market leader in online classified ads. It is also the biggest Romanian website by daily page views. We have worked closely together since the website’s inception in 2009. The company is part of a Scandinavian media conglomerate that operates in 27 countries and has over 7,400 employees.

We were asked to build and manage the social media presence of the biggest Romanian classified ads website. That includes their Facebook and Google+ profiles, Twitter account, Youtube channel and various social bookmarking websites.

The client requested us to build a large community of fans and to engage them in interaction with the brand and its core values. Therefore, we were given precise goals to achieve, especially for the brand’s Facebook presence.

As far as the brand’s Facebook page is concerned, we had to develop a long-term creative strategy that would ensure a proper communication environment between the company and the website’s users. The main objectives of our Facebook strategy consisted of increasing the brand awareness, constantly keeping our users up to date with the latest news about the brand and developing a better understanding of our users’ interests, preferences and expectances. Last but not least, the Facebook page was regarded as a means of attracting new users on the website, as well as a tool for improving the company’s activity due to constant feedback of website’s users.


At first, we sat down with the client and created the policies and procedures that we were to observe when addressing social media networks. Because an acute understanding of the brand is crucial in social media administration, our previous experience with this client was of great help at this stage.

After agreeing upon the strategy, we selected one of our best social media administrators and put her in charge of defining a unique voice that was to relay the brand’s values over various social networks. Since the project required real-time monitoring, her secondary goal was to choose and train two other social media experts to work together on this project.

Since a strong cooperation with the client was vital for the project, the social media administrator was to keep close contact with the client’s staff.


In just the first year after taking over the Facebook profile (previously maintained in-house by the client), we managed to increase the number of fans ten times. Because the community around the brand reached critical mass, the engagement of the fan base skyrocketed shortly after.

We have successfully built a 500,000 fans community around the brand by tenaciously following the strategy we’ve created. We relay messages to our fans a limited number of times per day, following a communication calendar. Their feedback is carefully followed-up and moderated in real-time.

Our social media promotional efforts are clearly aligned with the client’s other marketing activities. There are several marketing campaigns that we are conducting simultaneously over Facebook, some of them synchronized with corresponding TV commercials or with the promotions available on the client’s website.

We also ran various successful promotions and campaigns via the Facebook platform, thus activating and motivating the fan base to interact with the brand and to spread its awareness to new users.