Online Research

Online Research

The client is one of the leading business information providers in Romania, offering databases with complex information on companies and people. These databases contain public information about companies all over the country and additional data that can be easily found thanks to the various filtering and search tools available on the website.

We were asked to build and develop a complex online database with all the Romanian companies and also make it accessible on a web platform. The first stage of the project that consisted of gathering every useful piece of information about these companies was followed by organizing and classifying them into NACE codes.


Our team started by searching and centralizing all the public information available on the websites of public institutions such as the Ministry of Finance or The National Trade Register Office. We had to create a number of web crawlers that helped us gather information from all the public sources during several weeks.

After this step, our work continued with compiling the information and integrating it in a mutual database that provides identification and financial data, as well as contact information of every active company in Romania. In addition to that, companies can be searched by multiple criteria, including activity domains classified in NACE codes. The NACE hierarchy contains various subcategories that ease the navigation through the company classification.

Besides providing a complex database of business information, the website also offers users the possibility to demand/ require direct contact services for a particular company or a list of companies found within the database.


Shortly after its opening, the website created by our team became very successful and recorded one of the highest levels of traffic among the similar platforms of business information available for free in Romania. After this achievement, the client asked us to extend the online database with information about professionals such as public notaries, attorneys at law, authorized translators and judicial experts.