Customer Service

Customer Service

The client is the Romanian market leader in online classified ads. It is also the biggest Romanian website by daily page views. We have worked closely together since the website’s inception in 2009.

At first, we were asked to develop and implement a direct telemarketing campaign for gathering data for the client’s initial database of classified ads.

After the success of this task, the services we provide for this client have diversified and are now covering: online user-generated content monitoring, social bookmarking, social media marketing, and customer support.


We researched the Romanian market and identified possible sources of classified ads that were compliant with the client’s vision. After developing the software tools needed to gather the necessary data, we conducted the call center campaign. The resulting success rate of over 60% for the 15,000+ calls guaranteed the best result/effort ratio for our client.

Consequently, shortly after the website was launched, we were asked to provide moderation services for the ads that were posted by users from all over the country on the client’s website. The challenge was to build an ever-growing team of ad-reviewers that would have to work uninterruptedly for 13 hours/day, including weekends and holidays.

We made extra efforts to implement an effective strategy of recruiting and training the staff that we allocated for this project. A central strategy developed for the ad-reviewers team refers to providing continuous training for its members, in order for them to learn and constantly improve their work, as well as increase their level of adjusting to changes. Quality and scalability are the paramount values that now make this project work.


The team working on this project currently exceeds 40 members and is steadily expanding, given the fact that the website is continuously growing and the requirements are getting higher. Among many other tasks, the team is also reviewing over 1,000,000 classified ads each month.

All KPIs have improved constantly throughout the years since the project was started – proof that, while the team grows constantly, it also becomes more efficient.